le Rose · Automobilista

LABELPippola Music
WRITTEN BYFlavio Scutti, Andrea Noce
ART DIRECTIONLorenzo Ceccotti
POSTFrancesco Di Giorgio

Le Rose were probably the most interesting pop-wave duo to arrive on the Italian scene over the last 15 years.

"Automobilista" is a very visual track that functions on several planes.
On the one hand, it gives us the opportunity to stay with the more immediate interpretation (the car rushing forward). On the other, it allows abstraction, as we think about the more psychedelic and chemical “journey” (the psychedelic drugs).

I wanted to juxtapose these two realities.
I took a Fiat Cinquecento to the studio to make Andrea and Flavio (Le Rose) “travel”, after which I filmed the motorway at night and, under the brilliant supervision of Lorenzo Ceccotti, put everything together with the final dressing of the drugs. To enhance the vintage vibe of the band, after “degradation” and an examination of the colour phase, I passed everything on a CRT, filmed it, and superimposed it on the original edit.
The end result is among my best work.

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