Dr. Pira · Gatto Mondadory

PUBLISHERGrrzetic Editore
WRITERSDr. Pira, Francesco Di Giorgio
POSTFrancesco Di Giorgio

With Pira, we have always had a wonderful cultural exchange.
Somehow, we have the same attitude towards dedicating ourselves with great passion and dedication to the most trivial and unexpected things.
And that's how it worked when we decided to do the first Ninja Cineforum in Italy. There was the same synergy when Maurizio (Dr. Pira) asked me how I would imagine a booktrailer for his latest work: "Gatto Mondadory e il Telefonino Fatato". We immediately liked the idea of portraying the artist as a kind of sportsman, a man dedicated to exploits and, therefore, the artwork as an expression of this psycho-physical performance. An almost muscular gesture, in short.

So, I thought that the form of the classic local TV documentary, the classic content that nobody watches, might provide the most exciting setting.
At that time, Pira enjoyed hike around the Gran Sasso massif...

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