How To

WRITERValentina Ghetti, Francesco Di Giorgio
MAIN ACTRESSValentina Ghetti
CAMERAFrancesco Di Giorgio
POSTFrancesco Di Giorgio

At the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, we found ourselves “sealed” with Valentina Ghetti in a villa in the countryside, outside Rome.

It seemed a waste not to consider that static, apocalyptic, unique scenario as an exceptional background for a short film or other creation.
On the other hand, it was impossible to even imagine approaching Rome and trying to shoot something in the streets of the city (my first idea was something dreamlike in a deserted Piazza di Spagna - a super banned area). At that point, Valentina and I thought of making a mini-series with the only tool I had at my disposal at the time: my iPhone.

"How To" encompasses six episodes that portray humanity ghettoised in feeling and vision, at the peak of the pandemic. It was recognised as “Best Italian web series” at the Digital Media Fest. It was also a finalist at the ISO Smartfone Flickfest in Australia, and at the Miami WebFest.

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