LATE 2008

CAMERAFrancesco Di Giorgio
POSTFrancesco Di Giorgio

One morning, at a flea market, I found a beautiful Sony case, so beautiful that I immediately bought it for very little money.
Only later did I discover that there was an old Sony Camcorder from the 80s inside. Working.
Needless to say, I was looking for any reason to use it at home that evening.

After seeing the visual rendition of the camera, so blurry and distant in time, I felt there was the right quality in that lens to celebrate something old, non-standard but, at the same time, of great value. Adjectives that I felt all belonged to my first and indestructible MacBook Pro 2008.
So, I decided to make a commemorative video celebrating the style and seniority of that device via another device, somehow similar to it (in other words, old but eminently respectable).

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