Sacra Bellezza · Storie di Santi e Reliquie

aired onSky Arte
Number of Episodes6
Running Time50'
Hosted byMaria Antonietta
WRITERLuca Piccirilli
CINEMATOGRAPHERSimonluca Fraioli, Antonio Scappatura
CAMERADaniele Cignini, Paolo Pisacane, Francesco Trisi, Andrea Gabriele, Eduardo Milanese
BOOM OPERATORStefano Bari, Celeste Frontino
LINE PRODUCERAlessandro Fucà
POST PRODUCERMarta Gentilucci, Silvia Ceccarelli
EDITORNovella Cucci, Marco Tursi
COLORISTAlessandro Ammendola
SOUND DESIGNERFrancesco Tosoni

Sacra Bellezza was a fascinating journey into the world of relics.

My initial idea was to portray them as objects of power, magical talismans, jewels endowed with extraordinary potency.
So, I wanted to examine them and frame them as precious, subsequently producing carefully crafted "beauty shots", in the manner of more conventional jewellery. Entering, then, into the story and history of the relics, seeing their frequently bizarre locations, from the little country church to the cyclopean spaces of St. Peter's Basilica, and observing these very different remains up close, I realised that the value and the story of that world lay in the qualities and perceptions of the faithful who venerated them.
As a result, I decided to work, as often as I was allowed, with the priests, the nuns, and the devotees associated with the relics, restoring humanity and magic to these catalysts of sacredness.

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